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Biggest 2023 Economic Festival.

The Global Economic Ideas Festival (GEIF) is the annual global conference hosted by the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists (ICCE).

The festival is set to bring together world leaders and top global policy shapers in interactive panel sessions and insightful keynotes.

Chairperson's remarks

Dr. Frannie Leautier

Chairperson, GEIF 2023
Former Vice President, World Bank
CEO & Partner, SouthBridge Investments

What if, with all our common goals of creating a safe, secure, and shared economic prosperity, we put humanity at the center of it?

Is it possible, that, at a point, world leaders, economists, scientists, innovators, researchers, and disruptors, converge on a single platform to engineer people-led growth?

I am optimistic that this is possible. On behalf of the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists, ICCE, I welcome you to the 2nd Global Economic Ideas Festival (GEIF 2023).

The festival will bring together world leaders, including top economists, leading researchers, ministers of state, private sector business leaders, central bank representatives from civil society organizations, academics, and thought leaders, to drive conversations on how to shape the world economy.

GEIF 2023

Delegate demographics

Festival in numbers


These leaders shared insights  at
GEIF 2022

Katrin A. Kuhlmann

Visiting Professor of Law
Georgetown University Law

Leslie Maasdorp

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
New Development Bank

Solomon Quaynor

Vice President for Private Sector, Infrastructure & Industrialization
African Development Bank (AfDB)

Shantayanan Devarajan

Prof. of International Development
Georgetown University

Ramaswami Balasubramaniam

Development Scholar

Dr. Nancy A. Lohalo

Senior Research Fellow
Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory

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